All of your dealerships needs handled by a single phone call, DMS, Desking, Leasing, CRM, Parts & Service, Buy Here Pay Here, Lease Here Pay Here, QuickBooks Integration, Social Media, Website Integration, Inventory Posting to EBay Motors, Craigslist, Facebook and many more posted with a single click. picture


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Features at a glance
With 100's of features we will highlight a few.....

**NEW** Two Way Integrated Texting
DealerClick now offers this feature which is available for CRM, Leads & Credit Application submission notifications, as well as on your website(if hosted with us) where viewers can send a text about a car they are interested in.

Interface and Delivery
DealerClick meets the wants and needs of your personnel. Are they comfortable in a windows environment or are they MAC users? We have both covered! Would you like the data residing at your dealership or in a hosted environment. Yes, we have both hosted (cloud based) and client server data delivery solutions to meet your needs.

Inventory Management
DealerClick polls your inventory throughout the day looking for changes so you don't have to worry about updating all of your 3rd party sites, such as, EBay Motors, and social networks such as, and others. Sell more cars by adding social networking services offered by DealerClick today.

Forms Printing
DealerClick DMS supports all DMV, State, Bank, Warranty, and Insurance Forms; other legal documents including: Bill of Sale, Title Application, Odometer Disclosure, Tax Liability, Retail Installment Contracts, Insurance Verification, Contracts, and Invoices. DealerClick provides custom form generation to design dealer specific four square or six square form generations for example. Our Form Library holds all the required forms for all 50 states, Canada, Jamaica and Puerto Rico

Vehicle Values, Vin Decoder
VIN decoder will populate vehicle information and will obtain the latest book values with options, equipment pricing and miles adjustment. You only have to chose the appropriate items and save the information. DealerClick will retrieve all the information for your inventory reports, valuation reports to book a deal saving you time which lends to higher gross profits.

QuickBooks Interface
DealerClick's QuickBooks interface provides a simple way to get your deal information into QuickBooks. Simply connect, set your date range, and export the desired info! The interface is fully integrated with DealerClick. No double entry is required. Supports deals, recon and inventory.

Integrated Credit Card Processing
DealerClick's has a fully integrated credit card processing with American Express, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and ACH.

Integration Partners
DealerClick Integrates with these valued companies

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Dealer Management System
Complete System to run your dealership...

DealerClick DMS Dealer Management System

DealerClick is the leading technology provider for auto, RV, motorcycle and marine dealerships nationwide. With a single point of entry system, data flows seamlessly from warranty coverage to insurance to funding loans, DealerClick provides your dealership with the tools and services needed to complete a deal in less time for higher gross profit. There is absolutely no reason to leave the software.  DealerClick carries a wide variety of software meeting the needs of  Dealers and companies. Wholesalers, Auto Public Auction, Auto Dealer Action Software; we meet the following dealer and company requirements.

New Car Dealers Used Car Dealers
Buy Here Pay Here Auto Wholesalers
RV Dealers Truck Dealers
Boat Dealers Motorcycle Dealers
Heavy Truck Dealers Specialty Dealers
Finance Companies Leasing Companies
Auto Brokers Finance Brokers
Mobile Home Dealers ATV Dealers

We would like to discuss customization for adding support for additional foreign country localization and foreign partnership opportunities.

Try DealerClick free for 45 days, and see for yourself. This is the best dealer software on the market!

DealerClick is proud to announce expanding Web Marketing, Web Hosting, CRM software and Social Media services to meet the challenges facing dealerships today to stay competitive into the future.


Dealership Websites
Complete suite of products and services. Web site development, hosting and online marketing...


Dealership Websites are key to the success of any dealership today. Let DealerClick manage your web site with development services including responsive mobile site design, hosting, online inventrory management, inventory push to third party sites such as CraigsList, Autotrader,, facebook and many more. Your sites online visability is also key to driving sales, we have a complete department dedicated to SEO and Social Media marketing services as well as Live Chat software and CRM.

DealerClick has the trained staff and experiance to insure that your dealerships web sites run at optimum performance. Cost effective bundled services are available so your dealerships software and online marketing needs are met from a single source.



eContracting technology replaces the manual processing of paper contracts, fax machines, and couriers . Through DealerClick’s eContracting platform, critical contract documents and data are shared between dealers and finance sources in a matter of seconds. As a result, it enables you and your dealership to work more efficiently.


Do you want to get paid faster? With eContracting, funding will happen same-day or the next business day. DealerClick has a long and growing list of eContracting features that will help you be more effective and efficient in the F&I office.

Impress Your Customers

Customers don't want to come back for more paperwork due to error or missed signatures. eContracting will eliminate any errors by ensuring signatures being captured during the review process. eContracting will automate the entire contracting process leaving more time for customer interaction.

Eliminate Bounced Contracts

eContracting reduces errors that may occur such as missing paperwork or lost contract compliance requirements.

Lender Network

Easily store documents digitally. Documents are sent to a secure electronic "safe." You can retrieve your electronic documents with one click.


We might not be able to do away with compliance but we can help you manage it better. DealerClick provides a variety of tools to help test, manage, monitor, and report on related requirements.

Credit Score Disclosure Notices

DealerClick's compliance tools for dealers helps ensure that every customer that needs a credit score disclosure notice gets one, as well as easily print a notice when an extension of credit is requested. As long as the necessary information was previously entered into the system then the notice will be automatically populated with the consumer info, reducing the time it takes to fill in the required fields.

Secure Document Storage

Your credit applications and other documents will be efficiently and securely stored. DealerClick provides organized, secure electronic storage of credit documents that originate from the DealerClick credit application platform.

Dealer Controlled Data Access

With DealerClick, the system administrator(You) can set permissions with a great deal of control:

  • Assign specific employee permissions.
  • Control access to customer data.
  • Control sharing permissions with your finance sources.

Support, When You Need It

Your needs will be taken care of with DealerClick. Our support team can be reached at (714)361-6000 to assist you with any questions you might have.

Desking & Leasing
Please click above or on the picture to view the Desking Tool Demo...


Our Sales & Leasing Desking Tool is one of the best in the industry. Pull credit reports directly from within the application and we support forms for all 50 states. Forms printing from both dot matrix and laser printers, print forms directly on plain paper. Fully integrated Credit Card processsing with all DMV and lender forms with additional integration points with QuickBooks, gap insurance & service contract companies. DealerClick software immediately makes your dealership OFAC compliant. Carfax,  Autocheck, Credit acceptance & Manheim Auctions integration are few of our integration partners. 
Sign-Up for Carfax here!


After Market Menu Selling

Inventory Management
To view Inventory Demo click above or on picture...


View inventory with a single click, sort dealer inventory list by make, model, stock number or days in inventory. Click on any entry to view or edit the full inventory information, including: VIN number, license plate, stock number, Mileage and DMV Title Status. Track all expenses by stock number including- flooring, reconditioning, commissions and purchases. Print bar codes, labels, jacket sheets, buyer's guides, and window stickers.

Integration with Kelley Blue Book®, Black Book®, dealers can view and publish inventory to dealer web sites and many third party sites such as Craig’s List,,, Ebay Motors, and Facebook automatically. Sort, view and edit complete inventory easily.


Vehicle Pricing Tool

Visualize the competitive landscape in seconds on all your inventory with the most intuitive and advanced pricing tool ever created. Track competing dealerships, adjust competitive view by color, distance, and options. Live roll-overs of competing dealerships and exact pricing history on all competing vehicles. Know what your customers know and what your competition probably doesn't.

Vehicle Market Listings

Buy Here Pay Here
Take the risk and hassle out of running your own Buy Here Pay Here Department...

Buy here pay here software

Buy Here Pay Here departments are being adopted by franchise dealers at a rapid rate. With economy woes and technology advances having the ability to sell to credit challenged individuals has become very profitable and less risky.  Cash, lease, Rent to own (in-house leasing) and third party lender transactions are supported. Our Buy-Here Pay-Here module has all the tools needed for day to day operation, including NSF transactions, automatic late fees, postponing payments, buyback, un-wind procedures, collections and full integration with QuickBooks makes this module a full featured Lender Platform. A complete report section and correspondence area for printing payment coupons, late notices, repossession letters, complete with invoice generation and tracking for expenses occurring after sale.


Lease Here Pay Here
Take the risk and hassle out of running your own Lease Here Pay Here Department...

Buy here pay here software

DealerClick has fully integrated Lease Here Pay Here software to service your in-house leasing deals.


Rent To Own
Keep track of your Rent To Own accounts through DealerClick Rent To Own Software.

Buy here pay here software

DealerClick has fully integrated Rent To Own software to service Rent To Own Dealerships with built in GPS Integration.


Parts and Service
 Manage your parts and service department with efficiency.....

Parts and Service Department software

DealerClick provides integrated parts and service modules which enables dealers to manage the heavy volume of parts and labor charges that continually flow this department. Knowing parts and service revenue reflect profits for dealers. We know the importance of keeping sales, collections, and customer retention in order.

Seamless integration with DealerClick modules means your shop manager has vehicle and customer information already available when work begins to generate estimates, invoices, inventory reconditioning costs and repair notes.

Integrated Parts Inventory module keeps work orders flowing through the service bay. Seamless QuickBooks integration saves time increasing dealer profits.

Blast texting for service reminders.


 Transfer your financial data directly into QuickBooks with our easy and efficient interface.

Parts and Service Department software

DealerClick is a certified partner with Intuit.

DealerClick keeps you up to date by showing you a list of all deals, payments, adjustments and inventory that have changed since the last time you exported to QuickBooks.

Setting up a chart of accounts in QuickBooks can be a pain. Thankfully, DealerClick can use your dealership's transaction data to do it all for you.

If you already have your chart of accounts set up in QuickBooks, DealerClick can use that as its framework. Our software is totally flexible, so you can have different asset, expense, or "cost of goods sold" accounts for different expense categories.


Integrated Payroll Software

Lender Platform
 DealerClick will connect your dealership with different lenders through DealerClicks Lender Platform.

Parts and Service Department software

Through DealerClick you can send your customers credit applications directly and electronically to different lenders nationwide. These lenders consist of prime, sub-prime, and non-prime.


FinanceClick ®

 DealerClick has a complete integrated CRM Platform


With DealerClick CRM you can follow

  • 100% web-based, so it's lightning fast
  • Real-time Process Monitoring - Ensures everyone uses it
  • Integrated Desking
  • Built in Email Marketing - The cost effective marketing strategy
  • Push and Pull DMS Integration
  • No per user fees
  • The industry's best multi-location architecture
  • Smart Reply - Send intelligent, automated or manual emails & text to your customers with content tailored to their specific vehicle interests. The choice is yours.

Dealer TextChat
 Allow customers to chat with you in real time.

DealerClick and Dealer TextChat make it easy for you to connect with your customers.


Credit Apps & Credit Bureaus Integration
Obtain credit reports from inside DealerClick software ...


Again with a single entry point pull credit reports with ease with DealerClick dealer management software solution for auto dealerships, RV, Motorcycle and Marine dealerships. Integration with top lender in the industry will enable your dealership to achieve top gross for your inventory.  DealerClick is one of the best lender platforms in the industry. See for yourself why DealerClick is "The Obvious Pick".


Internet marketing
DealerClick provides services and software so your dealership moves more product..


Internet marketing is just not email anymore, with DealerClick your dealership is able to post inventory on EBay Motors, Craigslist, and with many other sites supported. To capture more leads live chat software is provided for lead conversion. We are also excited to announce Social Media software and services being provided by DealerClick in the very near future.

Inventory push for:

Mobile Apps

Integrated 800 # Call Tracking to CRM

Dealer to Dealer Vehicle Search

DealerTrack & RouteOne Interface

DealerClick integrates with Dealertrack and RouteOne, some of the most diverse lending networks in the business.
Get your customers the best financing.
Whether you’re looking for captive, non-captive, credit unions, prime or non-prime lenders, Dealertrack, RouteOne and DealerClick provides your sales team with powerful resources for closing deals.

  • Submit deals to more than 1,000 captive, non-captive, prime and non-prime lenders, including credit unions
  • Pre-populates with your existing customer and deal information
  • Send to Dealertrack and RouteOne

Leads Provider


DealerClick DMS: The Obvious Pick for Any Auto Dealer

Managing your vehicle inventory has become easier than ever. In our book, double-entry is a sin, and you should never have to deal with that kind of busy work in this day and age. Enter your information into one place, and system sends it where it needs to go. Whether you car needs to be published on CarGurus, Craigslist,, your own website, or be added to your Quickbooks as an Asset; you still enter it only once.

Simple, Flexible, and User Friendly

DealerClick DMS is designed for both Used and New car dealerships, ranging from the small mom n' pop shops to the big chain-store retailers with their own service, finance and internet marketing departments. Our concept of Scalable Simplicity is the key to our Flexibility.

For instance, you have the choice to host our DMS on your own machine, or fully secure and mobilize your system on any computer (Windows, Macintosh, Android, iOS, etc), anywhere in the world with our secure Cloud DMS. But regardless of what direction you go in, our system's constantly expanding features and functionality are well within your reach. We cater to your needs until you feel comfortable using our system and have everything you need.

We are astonished how long and involved the training process is with our competitors. DealerClick DMS always gets compliments for its simplicity, especially from our new clients; even ones who claim they are not "computer savvy". Frankly, we do not see why you would have to be.

Multiple Locations

Access your system from multiple locations, by any system, wherever you are. Our Cloud-based DMS requires no installation, no backups, and no hardware requirements other than a stable internet connection. Your employees will be able to access only the data that is within the scope of their role and permissions, as well as the branch they are working within, while you, as the administrator, can oversee everyone's activity regardless of who or where they are.

Likewise, the advertisement of each location is routed separately to their own respective accounts on the advertising websites of your choice. Your website, your photographers and your internet managers can be limited to one branch or multiple, whichever way you see fit. It is an all-in-one solution, no matter how large your business is.

Lower Your Overhead

Conventional Point-Of-Sale systems are extremely labor intensive to setup their hardware and software, often requiring local servers to be setup by expensive IT professionals, sometimes taking 2 months to setup and install. By choosing DealerClick DMS you will eliminate the need for time consuming, costly hardware and software setup, all while improving streamlining, mobility, security, and functionality, in more way you thought possible. Your business will tangibly change for the better; both financially and technically.

Additional Benefits:

. Unlimited Support and One-on-One Training

. Fully accessible by any Operating System: Windows, Mac OSX, Android and iOS

. Supports Unlimited Number of Locations

. No Backups Required

. Up to 25 Simultaneous Users

. No Local Dedicated Servers or IT Staff Required (Saves you an estimated $4,000 a month in Software License Fees and Other Costs)

. The Most Affordable Choice in the Industry